Session Details

Damage Prevention

Some of the biggest threats to pipeline safety are unauthorized construction, development, encroachment and digging activities near pipelines.

The session will cover:

  • How the damage prevention movement began in Canada
  • Damage prevention awareness and education
  • The advent of the Common Ground Alliance in the U.S. and Canada
  • Damage data (DIRT – Damage Information Reporting Tool)
  • The value of electronic locate requests (
  • Damage prevention governance including legislation, standards and best practices
  • Bill S-229 Underground Infrastructure Safety Enhancement Act



Mike Sullivan, Executive Director CCGA


Mike Sullivan is an experienced leader and one of Canada’s foremost leading experts on damage prevention governance.
Mike’s expertise stems from a 25-year career with the National Energy Board, Alliance Pipeline Ltd., HMA Land Services Ltd, Alberta One-Call Corporation and the Canadian Common Ground Alliance.

Mike routinely provides guidance to Boards and CEOs across North America. He has also published numerous industry articles and is widely sought after for his strategic advice and expertise.  His reputation is based on his ability to accomplish the impossible. He has built national organizations from ideas, improved the performance of critical industry associations and organizatons, and worked with the Canadian government to develop Federal legislation.

Mike and his wife Julie of 28 years live in Calgary and have three children and one daughter in-law. In his spare time, Mike likes tinkering with his early 70s muscle car, enjoying the occasional round of golf and playing bass with various musical acts in the Calgary area.