Cody Battershill

Cody Battershill

Spokesperson and Founder



Ken Paulson



Kim Panelist

Kim Blanchette

VP Public Affairs

Alberta Energy Regulator


Kevin Smith

National Manager

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Panel: Building Public Trust

This forum is designed to focus on encouraging the next generation of leaders in the pipeline industry to take an active role in building public trust, and the challenges associated with developing better strategies for future engagement.

Focusing on building empowering connections, this panel discussion will start off with an overview of the current engagement activities in place with various viewpoints from groups within and outside the pipeline industry. The speakers will share their ideas, opinions and expertise on the ways in which the pipeline industry is leading the charge in developing public trust, and areas where future leaders can provide input. As there is no single resolution that provides a complete solution to the challenge of building public trust, the panel seeks to bridge government, regulatory, and public opinion to come up with new ways to view the changing landscape of the pipeline industry.

Ken Paulson

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, BC Oil and Gas Commission

Ken Paulson is the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer with the BC Oil and Gas Commission. Ken has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas sector including more than 15 years in regulatory roles for Canada and the Province of British Columbia. Prior to Ken’s current position, he was the Commission’s Chief Engineer.

As a past chair of the ASME Pipeline Systems Division and a former Board member of the International Petroleum Technology Institute, Ken is well connected with engineering communities within the oil and gas sector in North America and globally. He maintains an active involvement in the industry through ASME, SPE and other industry organizations. Ken is a Board Member for the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the Chair of the Energy Resources Committee of the Canadian Association of Municipal and Public Utility Tribunals (CAMPUT) and the vice chair of the newly formed Western Regulators Forum.

Cody Battershill

Spokesperson and Founder, CanadaAction

Cody Battershill is the founder of Calgaryism and Canada Action and earns a living as a local Remax Realtor. Born in Calgary and also having lived in Toronto, Cody has an affinity for all things Calgary, Alberta and Canada. Cody advocates for an informed discussion about our economy and Canada’s future prosperity while also sharing awesome lists and photos from around Calgary through Calgaryism. Talk with Cody on Twitter and Instagram @Calgaryism and also @CodyinCalgary and on Facebook by searching “Calgaryism” and “Canada Action”.

Kim Blanchette

Vice President, Public Affairs and National/International Relations, Alberta Energy Regulator

Kim has more than 25 years of experience in communications and public affairs at the provincial, federal, and international level and has held positions with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice as well as the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

Kim joined the Government of Canada in 2000 performing a variety of communications roles with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, including Ministerial support, regional office liaison, Director of Corporate Advocacy Communications, senior official speech coordination and multidepartment Pan-Atlantic and International events.

Kim has served as Consul (Political and Economic Relations and Public Affairs) at the Consulate General of Canada in Seattle from 2006-2008, representing Canada in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. She then moved to Veterans Affairs Canada as Acting Associate Director General of Communications where she worked the 90th Anniversary of the end of the First World War, the 65th Anniversary of D-Day, and new legislation for Allied Veterans.

Kim has also served as Regional Director, Issues Management and Communications (Atlantic Region) with the Canada Revenue Agency and as the Communications Manager for the Energy Resources Conservation Board (now the Alberta Energy Regulator) since 2011.

A past alumnus of the United States International Visiting Leaders Program, Kim was named one of the 50 Global Women in Energy in 2005 and has received national and international awards for her work in media relations, communications, content development and digital strategies.

Kim is a proud member of the Canadian Public Relations Society, having served as National President and has recently been inducted into the College of Fellows.

Kevin Smith

National Boreal Program Manager, Ducks Unlimited Canada

Kevin has managed the National Boreal Program for Ducks Unlimited Canada, which stretches from Alaska to Labrador. Our goal is to conserve, with partners, a total of one billion acres of conservation through a balance of sustainable development and protection. The program has a dedicated staff complement of 25 members spread across Canada’s Boreal region. We develop conservation solutions and knowledge exchange around water, wetlands, waterfowl, and other ecosystem services to assist governments, industry, and first nations with land use planning, regulation, and management.